McLean & Schultz: Structural Engineering & Architecture

Operations Building
37,000 square feet
48 feet tall
Administration Building
46,000 square feet
56 feet tall
Maintenance & Repair
92,000 square feet
65 feet tall
McLean & Schultz was the structural engineering firm selected to provide design services for five major buildings on the Pier G Mega Terminal Redevelopment Project in the Port of Long Beach. All the structures share a vibrant geometry and a flawless use of various materials such as precast concrete panels, glass, corrugated metal, and stainless steel meshes, which give the buildings a distinctive appearance. The unique architectural style and geometry of the buildings was made possible by effectively using vertical and lateral load resisting systems specifically suited to fit the usage of each structure. All the buildings were designed to achieve at least a Silver LEED certification.
Pier G