McLean & Schultz: Structural Engineering & Architecture

AVENUE 26 - Located in the Lincoln Heights community, this station provided several engineering and architectural challenges. Designed as an at-grade center platform station, the intricacy and complexity of the project came in implementing the Agency’s artistic vision for the station.

CHINATOWN AERIAL STRUCTURE AND STATION - Designed as an elevated station, pedestrian traffic extends from the aerial structure through a mezzanine level to an open plaza below.  The Plaza was designed to replace the existing street intersection in this busy urban community. Designated a Landmark Station, Chinatown Station's architecture imitates the traditional Chinese and international design motifs to reflect the diverse history of the neighborhood.

UNION STATION – This is the southern terminus of the line, where passengers are only steps away from connections with other means of public transportation.  The new station is an at-grade center platform with periodically spaced, free standing canopies.  The station is easily accessible by means of stairs and elevators to the Los Angeles Union Station main passenger tunnel. The close proximity of the new platform to the varying depth tunnels in Union Station required extensive foundation settlement analysis and calculations to determine the load bearing capacities of the existing subterranean structures.