McLean & Schultz: Structural Engineering & Architecture

MEMORIAL PARK - This landmark station is situated beneath the existing Holly Street Village Apartments adjacent to the City of Pasadena’s Memorial Park in historical Old Pasadena.  The building was constructed in 1994 with anticipation of a future light rail station, however structural building modifications were still required. McLean & Schultz was responsible for the architectural design of the station.
FILLMORE STREET - An at-grade center-platform station with standard canopy configuration, the design of the foundation for the Artist’s column that accents the station’s main entrance required special attention.  Coordination with the City of Pasadena Power and Water Department was needed for the placement of the existing utilities and new services for the station. McLean & Schultz worked closely with the City of Pasadena Light Rail Project Task Force to provide the desired station lighting, art elements, and signage.
MISSION STREET - Located in downtown South Pasadena, this is an at-grade side platform station with three stylized standardized canopies on each platform.  A narrow right-of-way condition required placing the station platform along the property line. McLean & Schultz provided special station foundation design for the property line conditions and to not disturb existing trees, which were to remain due to community considerations. Additional revisions to the platform lightning and paving materials were incorporated due to community concerns.