McLean & Schultz: Structural Engineering & Architecture

AVENUE 57 - Located in Highland Park and the first station platform constructed, Avenue 57 Station is an at-grade center platform with standardized canopies.  This station combines new pedestrian walkways and vintage street lighting with a central plaza for public gatherings and special events.  Pedestrian gates were added on each side of the tracks as patrons must cross the tracks to access the station.  McLean & Schultz developed a cost effective and time saving solution for the at-grade platform structures.  Located across an abandoned street, existing utilities and drainage structures required additional analysis of the platform design.
SOUTHWEST MUSEUM - Located at the base of Mt. Washington and below the historic Southwest Museum, this is one of the Landmark stations to include additional architectural enhancements. McLean & Schultz worked closely with the Station Artist, late Teddy Sandoval, in developing the structural connections and sizing the members for the highly decorative faux palm tree canopies, light standards, and the main station canopy.  As additional artwork, three mosaic-clad winged guardians rest atop white columns on bases adorned with images of area landmarks that required special foundation designs.
FRENCH AVENUE – Provided with a 142-space parking lot on the parcel at the southwest corner of French Avenue grade crossing, this at-grade station has staggered side platforms and a standard canopy configuration.  The Aztec-inspired artwork was integrated into the full length of the station in the stone casings and the raised sloped planters.  Other special paving treatments are displayed on the platform and in the parking lot to reflect images taken from the local population.